Shawntel Waajid

Basic Hair Class

Sunday, August 23rd from 3 to 7pm

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As a Licensed Master Cosmetologist, Master Braider and someone passionate about helping our youth feel empowered by their natural hair; I am expanding my voice and reach through a new digital media campaign and by physically meeting as many young children who are blessed with natural hair.

As an educator and instructor I am inviting all of you who wish to embrace their natural hair or to further understand and maintain their natural hair to follow me and my journey to educate and empower others through as many of my social media networks and public appearances that will be occurring in the upcoming months.

As a mother I am encouraging all parents with children with natural hair to take some time to discover how to properly care for and maintain their child’s natural hair and not permit the damage that I have seen over the years occur to young and beautiful children with natural hair.

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