Natural Hair Care Services

Are you in the Savannah Georgia Area and wish to set an appointment directly with Shawntel Waajid through her salon the Nappy Hutt? That’s Great! Shawntel Waajid has limited appointments and clients in which she deals with directly but she loves to do first time consultations with her customers. After your consultation you can choose whether you prefer to meet with Shawntel Waajid directly or choose to meet with one of her highly trained natural hair care specialists; for most customers it’s a financial decision. 

Public Speaking Engagements

Shawntel Waajid is passionate about speaking to women and young children about the beauty of natural hair. She feels that their is a lack of education in the importance of teaching our youth to feel confident and empowered by what God has given them. There is also a need to educate many on how to maintain and care for natural hair. If you are interested in having her speak or train at your next women’s day event please feel free to contact her. 

VIP Natural Hair Care Services

Shawntel Waajid is available to travel to any professional in need of natural hair care services. She will evaluate your needs and setup a schedule to visit with you and help care for your natural hair care needs.